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Outstanding Hunting Achievement Award

An award this big doesn’t honor a particular trophy or trip; its winners have completed a decades-long quest. First awarded in 1981, this is the highest honor the DSC bestows.

Peter Hathaway Capstick Hunting Heritage Award

Named in honor of noted American wildlife author Peter Hathaway Capstick, an avid defender of hunters internationally, but especially in his home of South Africa, this award honors individuals or groups who share his commitments to conserving wildlife and its habitat and to preserving our hunting heritage for future generations.

Award of Excellence

Created to recognize members who have continuously given extraordinary time and effort for the betterment of Dallas Safari Club over the years, this award is given only when it is most deserved.

Colin Caruthers Young Hunter Award

The Dallas Safari Club established this award in January 1991 to honor young member hunters for significant hunting accomplishments, academic excellence and civic involvement. Winners must be nominated by two members of the Dallas Safari Club before their 18th birthday or high school graduation.

Outfitter of the Year Award

This award recognizes outfitters who have continuously given exceptional support of women in the outdoors, the Dallas Safari Club Ladies Luncheon and Dallas Safari Club.

DSC Literary Award – Sponsored by Sports Afield

This award is presented annually to the author of an article published in a Dallas Safari Club publication, including its Game Trails magazine and Camp Talk newsletter, which best conveys the outdoor experience.

Herbert W. Klein Memorial Award

Presented by Dallas Safari Club to these members for successfully completing the collection of all four North American Wild Sheep under Fair Chase conditions.

Criteria: 51% of required animals taken while applicant was a DSC Member. Females of the species do not qualify.

Proof of Satisfaction: Picture of hunter with each trophy and complete the following application:

Africa Big Game Award

This award is presented to Dallas Safari Club members for the successful collection under fair chase conditions of the African elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard.

Criteria: At least 51% of the required animals must be taken while the prospective award winner was a member of Dallas Safari Club. The female of the species does not qualify. Darted animals (big four) do not qualify.

Proof of satisfaction: Picture of hunter with trophy and completed application.

Professional Hunters Award

This award recognizes professional hunters and outfitters who have continuously given exceptional support of women in the outdoors.

Dallas Safari Club Member Trophy Awards

Prizes are awarded every year for the best trophies by region, size, species and the hunter’s age group. The trophies are judged by a panel of Dallas Safari Club experts.

Photography Competition

Dallas Safari Club members of all ages compete in an amateur photography contest. Winners are named in five different categories. One overall “Best of Show” winner. Photos received in 2015 will be displayed at the convention and winners will be announced at a 2016 monthly meeting.